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Chão do Prado

chão prado turismo at

António João Paneiro Pinto began his own production in the Chão do Prado villa, in Bucelas, in 1993 by restructuring the vineyard, replanting seven hactares. He was the great-grandson of two Vinho de Bucelas producers since 1880, António Joaquim Pinto Júnior and João Camillo Alves.

In the eight hectares of vineyard he now has, he produces a dry white wine DOP Bucelas from the varieties arinto, esgana-cão and rabo de ovelha, commercialized with the brand Chão do Prado. When starting his activity in 1993, he produced the first arinto sparkling wine of the region. This raw natural was a novelty in the market and was the first step for Bucelas to become the region of the sparkling wine in 1999.

In 2001, the villa Chão do Prado produced the first Bucelas Colheita Tardia as well, in which the presence of botrytis is quite noticeable.

In 2013, because of the increase in demand of new activities related to tourism in the region of Lisbon, Chão do Prado gave a new boost to Enotourism in the villa. It is an activity destined to groups that are looking for a singular experience in which they can have a closer contact with the production, the wine products, and the small stories that involve this villa, this region and this “wine world”, while tasting and assessing of the wine and the flavourful Portuguese gastronomy.

Not open for tours


Estrada de Santiago

Santiago dos Velhos

2670-630 Bucelas

António Paneiro Pinto | 962 931 827

Mafalda Pinto | 962 600 955

Email: 9mafaldapinto@gmail.com


Website: www.chprado.com

GPS: 380 54’ 20,973” N, 90 6’ 54,445” W


Coteaux da Murta

It has 27 hectares of stunning landscape, of which 14.5 are vineyards of the national varieties arinto and touriga. You will be able to try the excellence of the sparkling wine and of the white wines DOC Bucelas or, alternatively, red wines full of character. It has its own cellar, open to guided tours and tastings. It also has a room for events with capacity for 300 people.

Tours with tastings

12€ | Tour with tasting of three wines

16€ | Tour with tasting accompanied with toasts, prosciutto and cheeses

Duration: 90 minutes


Tour with tasting and lunch

45€ | Includes entries, main course, dessert, wines, water and coffee

Duration: 180 minutes


Estrada Velha do Boição, nº 300

2670-632 Bucelas

Vera Ribeiro

Phone: 932 857 750 | 210 115 190

Email: qmurtageral@hotmail.com

Website: www.quintadamurta.pt

GPS: Lat. 380 55’ 52’’ N Long. 90 07’ 26’’ W Gr.


Enoport United Wines (Caves Velhas)

caves velhas turismo at

João Camilo Alves founded the Cellars Camilo Alves in 1881. Later, in 1939, he created the society Caves Velhas. It is the oldest producer and bottler of white wine from Bucelas. For 136 years, it has been distinguished with diplomas, gold and silver medals that mark the excellence and quality of many generations of products.


Tours with tastings (need scheduling)

12,5 € | Tour with tasting of three wines | minimum 12 people

Duration: 60 minutes

Rua Professor Egas Moniz, Apartado 742

2670-653 Bucelas

Phone: 219 687 330

Email: atend.cliente@enoport.pt

Website: www.enoport.pt

GPS: Lat. 380 54’ 1,73’’ N Long. 90 06’ 53,36’’ W Gr.


Enopoint - Wine & Gourmet

Rua D. Afonso Henriques, nº 1

2670-653 Bucelas

Phone: 219 681 451

Email: enoteca.env@enoport.pt

Monday through Sunday: 10:00 A.M. » 01:00 P.M. | 02:00 P.M. » 07:00 P.M.


GPS: Lat. 380 54’ 05,28’’ N Long. 90 07’ 13,20’’ W Gr.


Quinta das Carrafouchas 

carrafouchas turismo at

Villa from the 18th century. Rural enotourism. General Junot lived here during the French Invasions. Producer since 1952. It is the Villa of the Regional Lisbon Wine closest to the city centre.

Today it receives groups of people who want to visit the historical patrimony, the vineyard and taste the wines. There are also lunch and dinner previously scheduled.


Tours and tastings

15€ (2-4/people)

13€ (6-9/people)

11€ (10/people)

Every day: 9:30 » 20:00

Capacity: 5 to 30 people

Duration: 45 to 90 minutes


Tour with tastings

25€ (2-4/people)

22€ (6-9/people)

20€ (10/people)

Every day: 9:00 » 20:00

Capacity: 5 to 30 people

Duration: 160 to 190 minutes


António Maria

Rua Francisco Franco Cannas


2660-500 Santo Antão do Tojal

Phone: 917 262 385

Email: quintadascarrafouchas@gmail.com

Website: www.quintadascarrafouchas.com

GPS: Lat. 380 50’ 51,094’’ N Long. 90 9’ 56.638’’ O

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